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For hundreds of years, individuals in East Asia have drunk tea for each its nice style and reputed well being advantages. Within the 17th century, tea started to unfold internationally and have become well-liked within the new cultures that adopted it. One of many claims surrounding the consumption of tea is that it might probably enhance the metabolism and assist one shed some pounds. Is there any veracity to this?

Trendy science has been in a position to make clear many such claims surrounding meals, drink and folks medication and present which of them are professional and which of them are usually not. Within the case of tea, it seems that it might probably, in truth, play a helpful function in serving to you shed some pounds, however you received’t see these advantages by simply ingesting any outdated tea. The kind of tea is an important a part of the equation.

The teas which have been proven to be essentially the most helpful for elevating the metabolism are white tea, oolong tea and inexperienced tea, adopted by rooibos and ashwaganda. Right here’s the place issues get a bit complicated: the primary three are technically all the identical tea.


“True” Tea

White, oolong and inexperienced tea all come from the identical plant, camellia sinensis, in any other case generally known as “true tea.” The kind of tea and the particular well being advantages it imparts is dependent upon how the tea is harvested and handled.

The tremendous wholesome tea most individuals are accustomed to is inexperienced tea. Such a tea is made with unoxidized tea leaves which have been picked and dried earlier than they wilted. This selection could be very wealthy in vitamin C and is filled with antioxidants. Many of those antioxidants are calledcatechins, essentially the most potent of which is epigallocatechin gallate, or ECGC, which is thought to play a task in boosting the metabolism.

Oolong tea differs within the sense that the leaves are allowed to wilt and oxidize barely earlier than processing. This contributes to a stronger taste and a better caffeine content material, which will help barely enhance the metabolism. Like inexperienced tea, it is usually excessive in catechins.

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