Don’t Need Most cancers? Don’t Put Your Potatoes In The Fridge

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For many of us, it’s second nature to suppose that storing meals at colder temperature is the proper factor to do. Refrigeration retains meals fit for human consumption, doesn’t it? It seems that the reply is a bit more sophisticated on the subject of a vegetable that you simply most likely eat on a regular basis: the potato.


The Relationship Between Potatoes and Temperature

New scientific findings have established that whereas many meals must be saved within the fridge, potatoes aren’t one in every of them. Potatoes are likely to shrivel up when saved uncovered to extra-cold temperatures, making them unappealing to the attention. However what actually issues is how chilly impacts them on the molecular stage.

Potatoes include an enzyme referred to as invertase. When potatoes are chilled or uncovered to colder-than-usual temperatures, over time the invertase enzyme will start to interrupt down the sucrose (sugar) molecules and break them down into glucose and fructose, two types of sugar usable by the physique for producing vitality.

Up to now so good, proper? Right here’s the place issues get just a little loopy. These chilled potatoes can produce some dangerous compounds once they’re heated up through the cooking course of. The glucose and fructose from the chilled potato can mix with asparagine, an amino acid which additionally happens naturally in potatoes. This response produces a compound referred to as acrylamide.

Acrylamide is discovered in lots of cooked starchy meals like french fries, and is linked to the golden-brown shade that many cooked starches have.

In keeping with a report by Dr. Joseph Mercola, the Swedish Nationwide Meals Authority considers acrylamide to be a “confirmed trigger” of most cancers, based mostly on findings from animal research. With people, it’s just a little tougher to show a particular cause-effect relationship.

A research performed within the Netherlands produced knowledge suggesting that there was a doable hyperlink between acrylamide consumption and an elevated danger of some types of most cancers in ladies. The Maastricht College research concerned over 62,000 ladies aged 55 to 69. The researchers concluded after analyzing the consuming habits of those ladies that there was certainly a correlation between a better dietary consumption of acrylamide and an elevated danger of breast most cancers.

So, in mild of this data, how do you decrease your dangers? Easy: Don’t put your potatoes within the fridge! Retailer them free (not in a plastic bag) in a dry place at round 50 levels Fahrenheit, which is decrease than room temperature, however nonetheless a lot hotter than a fridge. A cool, darkish cellar or cupboard works greatest.

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