Ingesting Lemon Juice: Treatment-All Or Dangerous?

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Many declare that ingesting lemon juice each morning is a illness cure-all remedying ailing well being and making the physique extra alkaline. However is that true?

Not completely.

Although lemon juice accommodates a whole lot of immune-boosting nutritional vitamins and minerals, it’s doable to eat an excessive amount of of it.

Lemon juice may be very acidic, and it doesn’t make the blood of the physique alkaline. It does make the urine a bit extra alkaline after ingesting and that is seemingly as a result of physique compensating for the acidic juice. The kidneys management the physique’s blood pH, and a dramatic shift within the pH is all however wholesome for you.


Lemon Juice’s Advantages

Lemon juice is excessive in vitamin C. This vitamin is crucial to the immune system, and helps the physique construct vital tissues, akin to bones, pores and skin and blood vessels.

Lemon juice additionally accommodates potassium, a essential mineral for muscle mass, the guts, and for sustaining blood stress ranges.


Lemon Juice’s Drawbacks

1. Tooth injury

The acidity of lemons can put on away tooth enamel, permitting damaging sugars and different meals to hurt the tooth, and inflicting excessive sensitivity to sizzling or chilly drinks and meals. You’ll want to dilute the juice of 1 lemon in a single cup of water, and drink by way of a straw to keep away from eroding the enamel of your tooth. If you have already got enamel injury, skip lemon juice altogether.

2. An excessive amount of lemon juice may cause dehydration

Vitamin C will increase urination and defecation, and so it’s nice if somebody is affected by a urinary an infection or must take away toxins. Nevertheless, an excessive amount of vitamin C may cause frequent dehydration, so guarantee you might be ingesting well-diluted lemon juice and in addition to up your water consumption.

3. It may well set off migraines

These with severe, persistent migraines word that citrus fruits can convey on a migraine as a result of tyramine. This can be a protein-like substance that may set off this type of headache. In case you endure from migraines, take into account reducing out citrus fruits out of your food plan completely, after which including them again in with small quantities. Be taught the quantity that triggers a migraine and you should definitely keep properly below that amount of citrus consumption day by day.

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