Is Cocoa Powder Dangerous For You?

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Cocoa— all of us like it, whether or not we all know it by that title or not. Billions of kilos of this scrumptious key ingredient in chocolate are used yearly, and many individuals want to style this pure product in its purest, naturally-occurring kind. However some have expressed issues about how wholesome doing this may be. Is there something to those issues? Let’s take a look at the what dietary science has to say.

The reality about cocoa powder

A few of the concern about cocoa powder stems from the truth that it’s used to make chocolate— a meals that isn’t precisely identified for being wholesome. And whereas cocoa powder is an ingredient in lots of candy baked items that may increase your waistline. We have to take a look at the product in isolation to find out whether it is actually one thing to be involved about.

Once we take the time to do that, the proof is obvious: pure cocoa powder is NOT dangerous for you. It’s fairly the alternative.

Cocoa powder is derived from the cacao bean, which is so packed filled with vitamins it’s secure to think about it one of many healthiest beans on the planet. Cacao beans include an abundance of antioxidants akin to resveratrol, which helps shield in opposition to heart problems, in addition to minerals like iron, zinc, potassium, calcium and extra. Cacao additionally helps decrease your ranges of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) ldl cholesterol, and cut back blood strain.

So the place does this notion that cocoa powder could be unhealthy come from? There are two explanations:


Cocoa powder is certainly utilized in most chocolate merchandise, and most chocolate merchandise are certainly, relatively unhealthy. Nonetheless, that is primarily because of the truth that a lot SUGAR is added, and never the cocoa itself. Whether it is UNSWEETENED cocoa powder, it may be wholesome. Whether it is sweetened— not a lot.


There’s a distinction between cacao merchandise and cocoa merchandise. Cacao can also be derived from the bean of the identical title, and is much less completely processed than cocoa (the beans are dried or fermented as an alternative of roasted). The results of these differing processes is that with cacao, extra of the unique vitamins stay intact. As such, cacao merchandise, together with cacao powder, typically have a superior dietary profile than cocoa merchandise. You may get the identical vitamins from cocoa, simply not as a lot.

We hope this has helped to clear up some dietary misconceptions for you. Simply bear in mind, so long as you aren’t taking in tons of sugar along with your cocoa product, you’ll be okay.

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