14 Non-Poisonous Methods To Finish Pungent Piggies (#12 Will Make You LOL)

You may assume that pungent ft occur primarily within the scorching summer season months, however the fact is that pungent ft are part of life for many individuals –irrespective of the season.

Smelly ft occur when your ft sweat and that sweat has no solution to evaporate, often since you are sporting socks, sneakers or pantyhose. The micro organism that naturally lives in your pores and skin will feed on sweat and useless pores and skin cells, inflicting it to develop till it causes odor. It’s probably not your sweat that smells, however the micro organism feeding in your sweat.

There are quite a few methods that you may naturally do away with that embarrassing foot odor. Though it’d take you every week or so to get the issue beneath management,  it’s so well worth the effort.

Maintain studying to seek out pure methods to cease these pungent piggies as soon as and for all!


1.  Wash

OK, it is a no-brainer, however earlier than you are able to do something, make sure your ft are clear and dry. Merely washing your ft with a washrag, cleaning soap and scorching water will take away the sweat and the useless pores and skin cells. Dry your ft completely, particularly between your toes. This is a superb place to start out.


2. Baking Soda

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is an inexpensive however efficient solution to cease foot odor. Baking soda will scale back sweating and neutralize the pH steadiness of your sweat, which can scale back the variety of micro organism.

Put two quarts of heat water in a big container, and add two tablespoons of baking soda. Combine nicely, then soak your ft on this resolution for 15 minutes. Do that each evening for one week, then a couple of times every week to maintain your pungent downside beneath management.

It’s also possible to put baking soda inside your sneakers to assist take in much more sweat and odor. Learn extra abou baking soda makes use of.

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