Plums Vs Prunes: Which Are Higher?

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Each few months, a brand new superfood turns into stylish. One of many present favorites is dried plums, also referred to as prunes. However what makes these dehydrated fruits so particular? Are they higher for you than undried plums? Are they simply large raisins, and persons are getting excited over nothing? Learn on, and we’ll assist you to unravel this dried plum conundrum.


Plums and Prunes Defined

Everybody enjoys a superb plum. Believed to have originated in historic China, this in style fruit is intently associated to different related fleshy, pitted fruits like apricots, nectarines and peaches. A prune is a dried model of a plum. When dried, plums assume a wrinkly, shriveled look very like raisins, and have a extra intense, concentrated taste. It takes round 4 kilos of contemporary plums to provide one pound of dried plums.

For a few years, plums of their dried kind have been offered as prunes, however many individuals apparently discovered the time period unappealing, they usually have been by no means as in style as different dried fruits. Lately, intelligent entrepreneurs started calling them merely “dried plums,” and gross sales started to extend. However no matter you select to name them, do they actually should be within the lauded “superfood” class? What are the well being advantages of consuming dried plums, and are they any higher for you than contemporary ones?


The Well being Advantages of Plums, Recent and Dried

By any goal normal, a contemporary plum can be thought of a wholesome meals. A typical plum comprises 11 p.c of the really useful each day consumption (RDI) of vitamin A, 23 p.c of the RDI for vitamin C and 13 p.c of the RDI for vitamin Okay, which many individuals don’t get sufficient of. Plums additionally supply potassium, calcium, thiamine and iron. One of many downsides of plums for some individuals is likely to be the comparatively excessive sugar and carbohydrate content material. However contemporary plums additionally include B nutritional vitamins, which might help metabolize these compounds and break them down.

With regards to vitamin C, dried plums seem to fall brief. A lot of this immunity-boosting vitamin is misplaced throughout the dehydration course of which turns contemporary plums into prunes. However one thing attention-grabbing occurs when a plum is dried: the vitamin C ranges would possibly go down, however the concentrations of all different vitamins go up fairly considerably! A one-cup eigh8-ounce) serving of dried plums has unbelievable 129 p.c RDI for vitamin Okay! This significant nutrient helps your physique to soak up glucose, which stabilizes your blood sugar ranges, and assists in blood coagulation. Dried plums additionally include greater ranges of vitamin A and iron, in addition to as much as six occasions the extent of antioxidants as a contemporary plum!

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